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Final Announcement for the Job position ‘GCED Capacity-Building Programme’
  • 16/06/22


Selected candidates and waitlisted candidates for the final screening (interview) process are as follows:


▣ GCED Capacity-Building Programme (Project-based contract)

 ○ Successful Candidates: GO S○○ (8184), KIM H○○ (7515) (2 persons)

 ○ Waitlisted Candidates: Priority 1. ○○○ FITRIAN(0597) / Priority 2. LIM B○○(1992) (2 persons)     

   ※ Waitlisted candidates can be employed according to the order of priority after individual contacts in case for situations where successful candidates turn down the offer of employment or leave and where a job offer or appointment are withdrawn due to reasons for disqualification. The validity period of waitlisted candidates is 2 months (by 16 August 2022) from the date of final announcement (16 June 2022).  

   ※ The numbers in the brackets are the last four digits of each applicant’s contact number.

Thank you for your effort and interest during the recruitment process.